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24 July 2021
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  Our philosophy is to provide a fast and clear user interface, not cluttered by unecessary information enabling users to focus easily on the important information.

Using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL we provide highly interactive, database driven, transactional websites. With attention to detail and ease of use, we have developed techniques for sites to be easily managed and updated by "non-technical" staff.

This very site demonstrates some of the capabilities including a fully database driven system with full searching capabilities. Another example is the Out of Hours booking system is a highly transactional web site providing secure SSL access with several "types" of users each having different access capabilities. The site also sports a discussion forum for registered members to share professional opinion.

By tying in email services such as WebMail and SMS, the system can provide alerts and reminders to users in a variety of different ways.

To find out more, or to arrange a discussion about your particular needs email or telephone us.



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