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24 July 2021
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Web Hosting Service

  Hosting service can be provided on servers based at Telehouse in the UK heart of the Internet. Choose from dedicated servers to virtual machines and fully shared services.

Need an FTP server? Link it to your website!

Need to send email from your webservice?

In addition to the provision of a Web Hosting facility, we can also provide email hosting providing a POP3, IMAP and SMTP service as well as Webmail access dedicated to your company.

We can provide Domain Name Registrations and

We can provide Linux / Apache / MySQL / PearCGI / PHP hosting on dedicated servers or virtual machines (giving the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost).

We can provide fully supported monitoring of your website, linked to a Text service to notify you of any issues.

Web Hosting starts from as little as �5.00 per month. For more information send us an email or see our contact details.



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