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21 June 2021
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Link to Adastra (continued)



It is clearly necessary for the Adastra system and the Out of Hours Rota system to communicate. This is achieved by adding a communications service to the Adastra Comms server. Each morning at 2am, the service "wakes up" and initiates a communications session with the web site. Some files that help with the cross reference system are sent to the web site, and at the same time the rota information is sent to the Adastra System.

Once the rota has been received by the Adastra system, it is read and the Duty Stations are populated for the day with the GP's due to undertake the sessions.

The communications service is loaded onto the Adastra Communications Server, because the Adastra System's are normally installed behind a firewall, and it is much easier to go outbound to the web service, then to initiate an inbound connection to the server behind the firewall.

For more information regarding the Adastra Link, please send us an email at sales@harrisretail.co.uk or telephone sales on 01923 606138


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