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24 July 2021
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  By "communications" we mean the electronic variety. That is everything from moving information from one location to another, VoIP (Voice over IP telephone over the Internet) to Video Conferencing or simply delivering your EFT files to the Bank for settlement.

Electronic communication lies at the heart of retail. Without fast and reliable communications business simply cannot compete. Retailers with high turnover premises can install leased lines or at least frame relay, but smaller retailers cannot justify such costs. However, that does not mean that fast and reliable communications cannot be provided.

ADSL has provided completely new opportunities to the modern retailer. Now it is easy to deploy applications which rely on "always on" communications without having to make the massive investments that were previously required. ADSL can enable remote monitored digital CCTV, in-store TV, fast delivery of information to store or to head office and can provide the opportunity for instant and completely up-to-date sales and stock information.

  • How can ADSL be best deployed in your business?
  • How do you maintain complete security on your connections?
  • Can you stop store staff accessing the Internet?
  • Can you provide your stores secure access to a head office Intranet?
All of the above is now possible at a fraction of the traditional cost.

To find out more please email us or see our contact information.



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