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24 July 2021
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EPOS Systems

  With nearly 30 years experience either in Retail or supplying retail, we are in a unique position to help with your EPOS systems. Whether you need advice in specifying or selecting a system, or you are considering a rollout of hardware or software, our excpetional expertese can help.

For the last 8 years, founder Antony Harris, was the IT Director at one of the countries fastest growing specialist retailers where he established leading edge EPOS systems in the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. In the UK alone over 1000 tills were installed and maintained. He designed the integrated Loyalty System which exceeded all expectations and grew to over 5 Million members. By integrating the Loyalty Scheme with the trade-in scheme on the tills, both customers and store staff benefited greatly from the exceptional speed of transactions.

Some of the other innovations introduced were:

  • Nightly Stock Level Synchronisation
  • Integrated Stock Taking
  • Store EMail Systems
  • Paperless Despatch Systems
  • ADSL Rollout

Before that, Antony Harris authored the widely used HIT Video Manager system, which was used in 2,500 video stores across the country.

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