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Harris Retail Services Ltd., specialising in Out-of-Hours Rota Systems, Security, SMS (Short Message Text Services) and Communications. With many years experience in retail at all levels, we can provide advice and help to all sizes of businesses. The Harris Online Rota System is used by many Primary Care Out-of-Hours providers, Urgent Care providers and Locum providers is by far the easiest way to organise GPs (and other user types) shifts for an out-of-hours organisation. The associated payments system will even automatically generate and store SOLO forms to GPs together with pro-forma invoices (for GPs to download, print and present for payment), thus drastically simplifying the payment cycle and helping to ensure the self-employed status of the GPs.

As the former IT director of a large specialist retailer, Harris Retail Systems founder, Antony Harris designed and oversaw the production and roll-out of a card loyalty scheme which now handles in excess of 5 million members and had systems installed in the UK, France, Sweden and Denmark as well as introducing a wide variety of technologies taking the company from a £56M turnover to over £650M. Prior to that he wrote HIT Video, the most widely used video library management system used in the UK.

We also provide a number of Web Based services from web design, web and email hosting to domain name registration. Specialising in Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL we can provide fully transactional websites and hosting facilities. Web hosting with a CPanel interface is now available from only £5.00 per month!

Harris Rota System


Since 2004 the Rota System has provided a straight-forward way of managing diverse shifts over multiple locations in a Health Service setting.

Widely used by Out of Hours providers, Urgent Care Centres and Federated Locum Services, the Harris Rota System is robust, flexible, reliable and cost effective.

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We have been providing SMS text services since Vodafone first introduced their SMS system in the 1990s. Our SMS services allow sending of bulk messages from the desktop or through integration to your systems. Our systems are robust and can be integrated into your own website and we are able to provide delivery reports where the destination network supports it.

We can provide an enhanced SNPP (simple Network Paging Protocol) interface, or a simple API for integration with your own systems.

Our web interface for sending text messages provides the ability to create your own address book and to segregate destinations to an unlimited number of groups. In addition to that, we have also developed a template system which allows the setting up of pre-determined text and the messages are sent according to the template selected. This can be extremely useful for confirming appointments and providing additional information to the destination user such as address, time or even linked websites or additional information (such as a link to a map). This feature proved very useful during the height of the Corona Virus epidemic in confirming patient appointments and providing additional information on attendance at a unit.

Integrated to existing systems using the provided API, it is possible to completely automate the sending of SMS messages.

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Hosting Services Available:

Our unique system monitors check the availability of services provided once every minute, to ensure minimal downtime and maximum availability of services. Specially crafted backup systems provide secure backups in the event of any failure and with high levels of security to keep your data safe.

In addition, using our monitoring system we can ensure that all the latest security updates are applied to your server in a timely and regular manner. In most cases we run updates every night and if a kernel update is required, we schedule a reboot at the next convenient time. This ensures that any security update is installed as soon as is possible.

Technology available include:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • FTP & SFTP
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter/Dart
  • JavaScript/Ajax
  • Scripting
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML & CSS
  • SASS

With many years of experience in the Unix/Linux environment and the running and maintenance of large databases, we are able to provide expert help in hosting and maintaining your servers.

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System Monitoring

Our monitoring systems are designed to check your server and services every minute 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We can monitor your:

In addition for individual servers we can monitor and give early warning of:

Never have a security certificate expire without being warned, or your domain name renewal being missed. These are problems that blight even the largest technology companies and cause extended downtime. You may have the best hardware, duplicated power supplies, multiple connectivity pathways and fully redundant RAID systems or cloud services, but an expired domain or SSL certificate can bring down your system until the situation is resolved. Too many times, a domain name expires and there is a rush to get it renewed only to find that the one person who has access to the domain is not immediately available or there is a problem with the login credentials. By setting a 30 or 45 day warning the domain or security certificate can be renewed in a timely manner without any downtime.


We can provide support for your Windows, Apple and Linux systems, with both telephone and remote support. Using industry standard remote support facilities we can remote control your desktop systems to provide rapid resolution to most issues at a truly affordable price.


No system can be completely secure. But companies must take rigorous steps to ensure that their systems are as secure as possible.

From anti-virus to password management and staff training, we can provide everything necessary to keep your office systems safe and secure.

We can help with your disaster recovery plan (as it relates to your IT) so you can ensure business continuity for all eventualities.

Website Development & SEO

We have extensive experience of writing highly responsive websites with underlying databases. Using a combination of PHP and MySQL in a Linux environment we have developed memory saving and system efficiency techniques that can optimise such an environment to provide exceptional performance with many users simultaneously using the system. This gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to the size and memory required for a particular job.

We can also provide simple, clear and responsive websites (such as this one), which work equaly well on desktops, mobiles or for that matter, any device used for browsing the web.

Of course, effectively getting your website onto search engines so people can easily find you is vital. Our SEO expertese enables us to design the website from inception to delivery with efficient and effective methods to enhance and optimise the visability of your website.

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