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21 June 2021
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New Release Dated 23 March 2006



The release dated 23 March 2006 is a major upgrade to the system and offers a number of enhancements and some changes to the underlying database.

Trainer GP and Registrar Doctor System

Two new authorities have been created - Trainer GP and Registrar Doctor. When a Trainer books a shift, the shift appears normal to all other users except to Trainers, Administrators and Registrars. Where a shift is booked by a trainer and one or two registrars, notifications are sent to all doctors booked into the shift.

The Trainer

By default, when a trainer books a shift, up to two registrars can book into that shift. The trainer can modify the shift to block either one or both registrar shifts. If the trainer wishes to sell the shift, he/she can only do so provided no registrars have booked into the shift. Once a registrar has booked into the shift, the shift can no longer be marked for sale.

When a registrar books a shift, the trainer is notified by email.

If a trainer buys a shift, then the shift is marked as a trainer shift and registrars can book into the shift, unless the trainer blocks the registrars from doing so.

A trainer can only cancel a shift within the normal cancellation time-scale so long as no registrars have booked into the shift.

The following snapshot is of a booking form as viewed by a registrar:

The Registrar

A registrar is only able to book into shifts booked by a trainer. All other shifts are unbookable. The trainer shifts are shown in a light maroon colour so they are easily visible. To facilitate finding shifts, a new report is available to Administrators, Directors, Trainers and Registrars listing all training shifts. A registrar cannot cancel a shift he/she is booked into.

The following snapshot is of the same booking form as viewed by an administrator:

Registrars can also run a special report to find training shifts:

The Administrator

The administrator can do everything a trainer or registrar can do to a training shift, and in addition can cancel either a registrar or the whole shift (i.e. a trainer and up to two registrars).

As the number of options available to an administrator when editing a trainers booking are fairly numerous, after clicking on a trainers shift, the administrator is brought to a screen with a number of options:

Trainers get a similar screen, enabling them to block shifts or sell the shift, but are not given options to Cancel a shift if a registrar has booked, or to cancel a registrar.

The following screen-shot shows an administrator editing a shift where a single registrar has booked a slot. The administrator can cancel the entire shift, or the registrar. But as a registrar has booked into the shift, the shift cannot be put up for sale (If the administrator first cancels the registrars booking, he/she would then be able to mark the shift for sale). The administrator or the trainer can block either one or both registrar shifts from being booked.


Nurse Practitioner Bookings

Certain GP shifts can be designated as available to a Nurse Practitioner. The Nurse Practitioner is a new authority giving the same authority as a Nurse but with the additional Nurse Practitioner authority. When the option is enabled the "Edit Shifts" screen provides three extra fields:

  1. Available to Nurse Practitioner
  2. Nurse Practitioner Rate
  3. Number of days to hold open to NP only.

When enabled, the edit shift screen shows:

If the shift is marked as open to a nurse practitioner, after a month becomes available to book, the NP shift is blocked from GP's booking the shift for the number of days specified. During the hold period, only a NP can book the shift. After the period has expired, the shift can be booked by a NP or a GP. The rate for the shift is decided by who books the shift.

If a NP wishes to sell a NP shift, then the shift can be sold, but only to another NP. An NP cannot buy a shift from a GP.

The following snapshot is of the same booking form as seen by a Nurse Practitioner (nursep) showing one shift booked by nursep and one shift booked by nursep2 which nursep2 has marked for sale:


Rates of Pay enhancements to enable overnight rates of pay

This is an optional system to allow two rates of pay to be held against each shift. The second rate of pay is payable between the hours specified (often 00:00 - 08:00, but can be set as required). Thus using this option, it is no longer necessary to calculate a blended rate where there are two rates in force.

If a shift is split, then only one rate of pay can be used.

The following screen-shot shows two rates of pay being set for a Redeye shift:


and this is the same shift being displayed on the booking form:




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